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About IIOM

The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) is a professional body for those involved in, or interested in, Obsolescence Management. The Institute is for professionals worldwide who are dedicated to furthering their knowledge and understanding of the Obsolescence Management discipline and who wish to network with a wide group of companies from a global membership


Come to a first meeting - absolutely free!!. If you work in the military supply chain, medical, oil & gas, automotive, rail, energy generation or space industries managing obsolescence is vital. IIOM can help you. To apply to attend the next meeting free of charge click here

Latest Newsletter - Conference Newsletter June 2015


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IIOM Booklets and

Guidance Booklets

IIOM publishes a series of guidance booklets on various aspects of Obsolescence Management in the "Minefield" series. The latest in the Minefield series of Guidance booklets has just been published. It was authored by Graeme Rumney, Sellafield Ltd in co-operation with members of the IIOM Software Group.

The Software Obsolescence Minefield aims to provide a concise introduction to the problem of software obsolescence, how it can be managed and how the effects of it can be mitigated.

The other titles available include:

The Obsolescence Minefield - A Guide for Senior Executives
The Software Obsolescence Minefield
The Hardware Design Minefield
The Pb-Free Minefield
The Redundant Stock Minefield
The Long Term Storage Minefield
The Supply Chain Minefield
The Date Coding Minefield
The Obsolescence Minefield

These along with CD-ROMs given at IIOM Workshops and Conferences are available from the IIOM Shop

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InfoPoint - for questions from non-membersContact Us - For Non-Members.

If you have a question about obsolescence you would like answered the IIOM InfoPoint is here to help.

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See a Gallery of pictures from the 2015 IIOM Conference

The Second IIOM Members Meeting

will be held at the Apollo Hotel, Aldermaston Roundabout

Basingstoke, RG24 9NU

on the 6th October 2015

This meeting will be sponsored by


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