Board of Management

The IIOM Board of Management has members with different roles from a variety of industries with an International breadth. 


Stuart Kelly
 - President  and Director
Stuart leads the organisation and is the co-owner of Through Life Support Ltd in the UK

David Williams - Director 
David is responsible for Technical Development for IIOM and runs his own consultancy company Context Consulting Ltd Limited.

Ulrich Ermel - Director 
Ulrich is responsible for Marketing for IIOM and represents the COG Germany Membership. He is a Director for PULS GmbH

Peter Sandborn - Director 
Peter is responsible for Membership Development for IIOM and is a Professor in the CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center at the University of Maryland  in the USA

Jon Anslow - Chair Director (Chairman of the IIOM UK Chapter)
Jon is part of the IIOM board through his role as Chairman of the IIOM UK Chapter. He is currently the Obsolescence Manager for Leonardo UK in Edinburgh

Wolfgang HeinbachChair Director (Chairman of COG Germany)
Wolfgang is part of the IIOM board through his role as Chairman of the IIOM German Chapter (COG). Wolfgang is the Managing Director of GMP – German Machine Parts GmbH & Co.KG.

Non - Executive Board Officers

Philip Wardle – Non-Executive Board Officer responsible for Professional Standards and Development. Phil runs his own consultancy company called Blackwater Innovation Ltd. 

Ian Blackman - Non-Executive Board Officer contracted to provide the Chief Technical Officer Role. Ian runs his own consultancy company called Elan Business Support Ltd. 

Other Directors will be appointed to represent new chapters once they have been established.

Other Non-Executive board officers may be appointed as the need arises.