The IIOM is a not for profit membership organisation that exists to advance the science and practice of Obsolescence Management. 

The IIOM’s Board of Management 
have responsibility for the legal and corporate governance of the Institute. 

IIOM Chapters are the means by which Members can organise local work, events and other activities.  Chapters will have committees as suits their numbers and interests.  Chapters are legal entities and are represented on the IIOM Board.

The IIOM has members who have joined the IIOM to participate in its activities and / or gain from its services.  There are a number of types of membership within the IIOM; including Corporate (for organisations and companies), and various classes of Individual membership: Fellows, Members, Associates, Students and Affiliates. 

All members can influence the direction of the IIOM through their Chapter Council.  The role of each Chapter Council is to ensure that members’ interests are properly represented.

The best way for Members to understand the activities and relationship of the various parts of the IIOM is to download The IIOM International Handbook  .