IIOM has members in countries throughout the world and actively encourages individualsfrom any country to join the institute .

When there is a critical mass in a particular country an IIOM Chapter will be set up where IIOM officers will meet with interested parties and help them along the journey to forming a local chapter.

IIIOM have developed a step by step Chapter start-up process and draft delegation agreement that will help the local team put in place the necessary governance and establish the responsibilities for an IIOM Chapter.

Once formed each National Chapter will organise its own local meetings which are typically held quarterly.
Meetings are free for Corporate Members to attend and members are encouraged to sponsor meetings to promote their companies’ capability to the membership. A small attendance charge may be applicable for indivudual members to attend the meetings. The meetings are organised by local Secretariat teams who are contracted to support the local chapter.
Guests and media contacts are encouraged to attend member meetings to help promote the institute and the chapter. Potential New members are encouraged to participate in a meeting before considering joining the local chapter.
Meeting minutes are made available post meeting and the presentations are stored locally on the internet and available for future reference for current members.