IIOM Booklets

IIOM Members have written the following booklets on specific aspects of Obsolescence Management. These booklets are available to members as part of the benefits package.  Copies are obtainable from the IIOM shop, there will be a charge for non-members.

Available Booklets 
The Obsolescence Minefield
The Obsolescence Minefield - A Guide for Senior Executives
The Supply Chain Minefield
The Long Term Storage Minefield
The Redundant Stock Minefield
The Emulations Minefield
The Counterfeit Electronic Components Minefield
The REACH Minefield
The Software Obsolescence Minefield
The Obsolescence Tools Minefield
The Hardware Design Minefield
The Incredible Shrinking Transistor

If you have any comments on the content please send them to iblackman@theiiom.org